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Hejju connects your tours and activities to multiple distribution partners, such as accommodation platforms, guesthouses, hotels, and travel agents.

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Hejju seamlessly integrates with your booking platform so your tours and activities will be presented with real-time availability, instant confirmation, and payments.

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Less phone calls, emails and manual work.

It’s seamless

Direct integration with your booking platform. Keep rates, availability and activity info in one place.

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Let us take care of payments, cancellations and refunds.

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Zero listing fee

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20% commission

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 Hejju functions as a great add-on by offering you a way to passively sell your tours and activities to the right customers at the right time!

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What is Hejju?

Hejju (pronounced “Hey you!”) is a simple add-on service that helps you to reach more customers through a growing list of online distributors.

Hejju works to compliment your current offering by helping you to increase your bookings in a passive way, without interfering with your current distribution arrangements.

Some background

Currently, most tours and activities on offer today are booked in-person via one-to-one engagements, either directly, or through distributors such as travel agents, hotel concierges and guesthouse owners.

Although much of the communication is often digital, one could still refer to this type of sale as being “offline”. It is most often a direct sale that typically takes place by means of traditional marketing and sales efforts.

However, the industry is currently undergoing a major shift. Much of the data indicates that travelers are spending less on beds and more on experiences. This “new traveler” is quickly becoming aware of the growing number of exciting tours and activities on offer, and is now more inclined than ever to book activities, experiences and tours “online”.

This is where Hejju comes in. With a growing list of online distribution partners, paired with an innovative technology platform, Hejju is helping both suppliers and distributors to compliment their current offerings in a simple and secure way.

What value does Hejju add?

Hejju functions as a natural add-on to your business and helps to drive bookings through channels that you may not have had access to before.

Hejju also provides distributors access to a wide range of the very best tours and activities in South Africa along with real-time availability and “bookability”. The Hejju technology platform helps to streamline the booking and payout process for many traditional agents, and provides larger travel companies a comprehensive way to include tours and activities in their current solutions.

Traditional agents also have the opportunity to sell tours and activities outside of their normal working hours, by presenting your offerings to customers in ways not previously utilized, such as white labels, website plugins, email widgets and in-funnel widgets. These bookings are all automatically processed with payment being captured in full, and safely held in accordance with your choice of simple, standardized cancellation policies.


It is important to note that Hejju is very focused on maximizing the booking opportunity when travelers are close-to (pre-arrival), or currently traveling (in- destination). This is when travelers are most likely to be looking to book tours and activities online. By providing the tools to effectively “extend” the booking window, Hejju functions as a great add-on by offering you a way to passively sell your tours and activities to the right customers at the right time!